How Physical Therapy Can Help You to

Stay Active and Independent As You Age


Aging can have a bad reputation; however, there is no reason that growing older can’t be a journey full of adventure and opportunities to live life to the fullest. All you need is proper guidance, proactive steps, and a positive attitude.

And there is proof. Research suggests that improvements in physical function are possible well into older adulthood, and supports that continued activity as you age helps fight cognitive decline.

With the guidance of a physical therapist, you can improve mobility, maintain your independence, and continue participating in your favorite daily activities. As a movement expert, a physical therapist can provide an evaluation and design a treatment program to address any of your ailments and deficiencies, make modifications based on other preexisting conditions, and help you achieve your goals.

The following tips can keep you active and independent as you age:

  1. Staying fit. Whether you are participating in regular exercise or just want to stay fit for daily activities, exercise is necessary. Exercise is proven to help improve balance, strengthen bones, and prevent heart and brain conditions. A prescribed strength training and aerobic exercise program will help you maintain and strengthen critical muscle groups needed for your life.
  2. Staying balanced. Maintaining balance and avoiding falls is imperative to maintaining a quality of life and living independently. A physical therapist can prescribe a customized program of static and dynamic balance activities and exercises to improve your balance and prevent dangerous falls.
  3. Assessing the terrain. A physical therapist can make recommendations that make your home and other environments safe by eliminating dangerous barriers. Typically this means removing throw rugs, loose carpets, clutter, and modifying entry thresholds with ramps.
  4. Staying engaged. Successful aging is not only impacted by one’s environment but also how one interacts with their environment. Fear and social isolation are substantial factors that increase fall risk and jeopardize independence. To ensure active and successful aging, continue to engage with friends, family, and the community. Social experiences with friends and family help diminish fear and improve physical and mental capabilities.

If you think that a PT might help you, ask your physician for a referral.  If you have any questions please call NCH Rehab at 802-334-360.

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