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Exercise and Cancer Treatment

Exercise provides short- and long-term benefits for people undergoing cancer treatment. Physical therapists can design safe exercise plans to help people remain physically active, and feel better during treatments for cancer.   Exercise during cancer treatment can: Reduce fatigue Exercise …
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Posture; Sitting Tall Now for a Better Tomorrow

  “Sit up straight” is more than just a motherly recommendation. Posture is the position in which a person holds their body. Keeping your body in good alignment is important for multiple reasons. “Poor” posture commonly looks like someone is …
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Back Saving Tips with Infants or Toddlers

Carrying Your Child While Saving Your Back We all like to snuggle and care for our young children.  But those five to 40 extra pounds can lead to an aching back if we don’t take care of ourselves.  Here are …
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Movement is Medicine: How much is enough? 

    In last week’s article the words exercise, and exertion were turned around and physical activity and movement as more appealing ideas were presented.  We discussed why physical activity is important, the benefits of movement and what counts as …
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Movement is Medicine

Many of us hear about the importance of exercise for physical and mental health.  But what if we don’t like to exercise?  What if that word just makes us roll our eyes or want to give up?  Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary …
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