Let our family help you create your family. North Country Hospital’s  Birthing Center has 4 beautiful birthing rooms. These intimate, warmly decorated rooms let you have your baby in a special setting with all of the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom and a relaxing whirlpool tub. You will still have all of the medical attention and modern equipment of a traditional delivery room. The birthing room concept allows the family to participate in the birth in a relaxed atmosphere.

North Country Hospital’s Maternal/ Child Department has been well known for its philosophy of family-centered care for quite some time. During your stay with us, a designated support person is welcome to spend the night if a bed is available.

The birthing rooms are a part of our family-centered care and make it possible for all of our moms to enjoy a family birthing experience if they wish. You are welcome to come to visit anytime and see the birthplace for your family.

Hospital bed room with a snowy view outside the window Other side of the room with a chair and tv

North Country Hospital, as a promoter of optimal health care, has been dedicated to the success of breastfeeding mothers and babies through the Lactation Program since it’s beginning twenty-one years ago. We have three International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. These nurses have over 48 years of combined experience. Together with the efforts of our local Public Health department, our breastfeeding rates are among the highest in the state of Vermont.

The Lactation Services Program offers:

  • Free: up to one-hour prenatal education visits
  • Free: follow up postpartum hospital visits as needed
  • Free: outreach contacts via telephone or Email up to one year and beyond for breastfeeding moms offering support and assistance as needed