Through a well-monitored program of education and exercise, participants work on the goal of improving their quality of life by safely increasing their activities of daily living while reducing further risks of heart disease and its complications.

At North Country Hospital, the Cardiac Rehabilitation (Rehab) team consists of the patient, the patient’s primary care provider, a cardiologist, and specially trained physical therapists, registered nurses, and registered dietitians. The Cardiac Rehab Program is comprised of three phases.

Phase I
The goal of Phase I Cardiac Rehab is to provide the hospitalized cardiac patient with the educational, physical and emotional support necessary to function independently and safely after discharge from the hospital.

Phase II
The goal of Phase II Cardiac Rehab is to assist the participant in restoring and maintaining his/her highest level of function ~ physically, mentally, and socially ~ while supporting the participant and family members in the long-term commitment toward healthy lifestyle changes.

Phase III
The goal of Phase III Cardiac Rehab is to provide a maintenance program in cardiovascular health (for healthy heart and circulation) for individuals who have had heart disease (such as a heart attack) or are at risk for heart disease. Ultimately, the individual goal is to achieve and maintain a healthy, vigorous lifestyle.