According to Pew Research Center (Pew Research Center is an independent/nonpartisan research company that provides information on social issues, public opinion, and demographic developments), more than 91,000 people are visiting the ER across the US each year around the 4th of July for a variety of reasons, causing the biggest spikes in the emergency departments every single year! What’s causing such mass chaos? Mass drinking, mass fireworks use, and a multitude of other unsafe and risky behaviors! Here are the top 4 ways to keep yourself from becoming an ER cliché this holiday.

  1. Stay away from fireworks. Just leave it to the professionals. Fireworks are illegal in Vermont, they are dangerous, deadly, hazardous, and just …. don’t.
  2. Drink wisely! You may consider yourself a pretty cautious person until you have that one extra margarita and the next thing you know you think you can cartwheel into the pool like you did in the 70s or you smash through a glass door. The dangers of alcohol aren’t just alcohol poisoning, impaired driving, and damage to your body, it’s also your thinking!
  3. Drive SMART! There are lots of people on the road! Some may be under the influence, some are new drivers, some are texting, and you may be texting! Everyone should buckle up, pay attention and drive smart. S-Stay alert. M-Manage your devices A-Always drive alert R-Ride, if you are too tired, have been drinking or doing anything that could impair you, RIDE don’t drive, T-Take your time and slow down! Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of ER visits in the week of the 4th of July.
  4. Breathe! Holidays are busy and sometimes stressful. If you are stressed, anxious, or feeling lonely, start with some breaths, and try to sense what you are really feeling and what you really need. Take it one thing at a time. Start by getting the support you need as soon as you sense you need it. A great number for this time of year for all mental health or just stressed or lonely times is the number: 988


Holidays are a hard time! We are expected to pack all the fun into such a short time, or we only see certain people around one time of year so we have many activities packed back to back and it can mean things getting chaotic. For others, it can be the opposite, it can feel like there’s nothing going on and they are missing out. Chances are if you are too busy you wish you had nothing to do, if you have no family around you wish you had tons. What matters is taking what we have and keeping it as healthful as possible.

A great resource we now have in the NEK is our Northern Express Care walk-in clinic right on Main Street in Newport, VT. They are a fantastic alternative to the ER for the care you might need that is not quite emergent but can’t quite wait until you get to a regular doctor’s visit. You can find out more about them by visiting: or by calling Phone: (802) 995-2412. The clinic is open to anyone, so out-of-town guests don’t have to worry about being in or out of network!

As you go into the fun week ahead, think about what you can do to have fun, and make memories, but also maybe use these top 4 tips for a healthy July 4!