When you think of slimming down for summer, you might be thinking of washboard abs and weight loss gimmicks to promise you your dream body overnight…however, the easiest thing to trim down on this summer might actually be your bank account! By saving some extra money you may find that you also have more fun, stay healthier and even lose a little weight (no washboard abs guaranteed though!) Summers are filled with everything you can imagine, and if you aren’t careful you might end up spending more than you want on waste or even your waist!

Here’s our top 10 for a summer slim down!

  1. Plan Your Food: It may sound silly but, failure to plan means you’re likely planning to spend! That means spending money on overpriced and likely non-nutritious food! Plan out your week or at least three days at a time. What meals will you eat at home? What will they be? What about snacks? Instead of all the unnecessary purchases that can lead to mindless food choices, make your list!
  2. Stick To The List: If you said you were eating at home all week and only eating out on weekends, stick to it! If your grocery list didn’t say a family size bag of marshmallows, don’t just grab them because you see them in the store. Sure, everyone may get takeout while you eat last night’s leftovers, but you’ve got goals in mind: a fatter wallet, and just maybe a slimmer waist! After you plan your food, make a list and stick to it!
  3. Cook at Home:Cook, grill, chop, mix and bag it all up at home! You will be the envy of the office marching in with your premade fruit salads and grilled chicken skewers with fresh salads. What can you honestly not make at home that you would like to eat on an average day?
  4. Go Big and Make it Small:Cooking bigger portions to make smaller meals is a no brainer and a go to for most! This is a wonderful way for those who are working on portion control to take the time to portion out their servings and a financially responsible idea for those who want to save money by buying in bulk.
  5. Buy in Bulk:Yes, from jars to store your leftovers and even your fruits, veggies and proteins. If things start going south…freeze the fruit and cook up those veggies and proteins to store away for another time.
  6. Eat the Season:When you eat seasonally it gives you something to look forward to each season! This summer we get to look forward to eating local produce we don’t see most of the year! And, not to mention at the store, if it’s not in season, it’s also likely not in your budget. Shop smart by buying what’s on sale and in season.
  7. Eat Out Only When It Counts:What if you really only ate out for special moments? Or with really special people or special places? Instead of making eating out a normal thing, what if it became a treat? Something to savor? Make eating out something you look forward to a special occasion, never an average one.
  8. Drink Water:Water is FREE! Most places will even give you tap water for free! Not coffee, not juice, just water! Yup, hydration the good old fashion way! Sure, it may take some getting used to but, your wallet and your pallet will thank you! If you are a water drinker, the time has come!
  9. Exercise:Moving your body is like a free energy pill! Every time you exercise you get a chance to feel great! Not to mention, summer is here! You can walk, run, hike, bike, row, and swim in so many amazing places that don’t cost a dime! Why pay to go to the movies to see something on a screen when you can go live it for free!
  10. Make Friends: Friends make life better! They invite you to meals, events and are often willing to go on a walk or motivate you to go on one when you don’t want to. Friends can split the bill on lunch or together have their own fun without spending any money at all. When we are together with friends, we always feel better and that’s priceless!

This summer is a gift! People will wait their whole lives to spend just a small amount of time in our beautiful NEK. We get to spend all our time here, but we don’t have to spend all our money on things that don’t matter or help us feel our best. Invest your time, money, energy and health wisely this summer, you might just be surprised at how great you feel by the time the leaves change! Let’s do it, it’s time for slimming down for summer!


Mary Hoadley

Director of The Wellness Center