There is nothing more sobering than turning your calendar from August to September to remind us that the seasons are indeed changing and just how close we are to the NYE Ball Drop.  To think that over nine months ago we were making our lists of all the things we hoped to accomplish in 2022, and here we are, almost there. While you can use a new year to set any type of goals you wish, millions of Americans were hoping this would be the year they build their strength, get more flexible and add more fitness into their life. Now with three-quarters of the year behind us, we wonder where all the enthusiasm to increase the quality of our lives has gone. But there’s hope!

In the world of wellness, every day, hour, and minute is a perfect chance to increase your health and wellness! Sure, starting at the beginning of a year or month can be helpful, but it can also be an excuse, you know you’ve heard the old, “I’ll start on Monday,” routine. But what if you start, today, right now, or if you have to wait, tomorrow? What if you take a moment to think about what is really meaningful to you and decide that the time is now? You don’t have to wait! You can still get fit this fall and go into 2023 feeling stronger, more independent, and empowered to take on the new year.

If you are struggling to do this on your own, we always recommend the NEK’s longest-running fitness facility The Wellness Center in Newport ( Call us at 802-334-5566 or email for more details. The new fall session starts today, September 6th, but you can start or stop participation at any time. There are 6 am classes for the early birds and they go all the way into the evening too. Yoga, Spin®, Zumba®, Piyo® Live, weightlifting, senior fitness, and tai chi are just some of the offerings for people of all abilities. But if you prefer to go it alone no problem. Here is how you can start, RIGHT NOW!

Start now, yes now! Today you can/will move your body, you can walk, run, march in place, or dance to the radio – but just move! Sometimes after taking time off or perhaps never having tried to exercise, we aren’t that comfortable in our own bodies. Move yours, make some circles with your arms, get up out of your chair a few times, and try some push-ups on your countertops. Just try some movement, it does not have to be a full “workout,” but the more you move your body and see how it works, the more confidence you will have. Try 10 minutes. If you can walk about the block, jump on a dusty exercise bike you swore you’d use or if you are chair bound move your arms. 10 minutes is a great start. Too much? Break it down to 2 rounds of 5 minutes. But try to commit to moving at least 10 minutes a day. You can add on from there.

Always be positive. Talk to yourself in a way you would talk to someone you love. Sometimes working on our inner voice is much harder than the actual movement. If your legs get tired, don’t reprimand yourself, but say, “thank you strong legs for getting me where I need to go.” Feeling breathless from just a walk to the mailbox? Don’t get yourself down, build yourself up – “I am so grateful I started today and tomorrow will be easier. I can do this.” If you set a goal to be able to do a full pushup by October and you don’t get there, think of all the things that did go well. Positivity is contagious and happier people tend to feel happier in their bodies regardless of strength or size.

Aren’t we lucky that Vermont is the perfect playground for fitness, especially in the Fall? The bike paths are gorgeous, the lakes are still perfect for kayaking and canoeing and the mountains are ready for hikers. You may not realize it but going to the cornfield labyrinth, playgrounds, strolling the apple fields picking, or playing disc golf with the family are also great ways to get in movement. Exercise doesn’t have to look one way!

Fall is almost here, it’s a perfect time to add in some fitness so we can all feel as healthy, strong, and excited about our health and wellbeing not only this Fall but all year long. Whether you are working on physical, emotional, or even financial fitness this year, set some mini goals and do a little bit each day to get there. Let’s get fit this Fall!


Mary Hoadley

Director of The Wellness Center