You’ve got your sneakers, a fancy water bottle, workout DVDs, you may even have a treadmill right in your living room…but somehow, they aren’t helping, are they? You may even have a gym in your workplace or ample opportunities for “fit breaks,” at work, but are you using them?  Although you made all the right purchases with the best of intentions, and even if you have set aside the time, there is probably something missing. Something is holding you back from your fitness goals, and we think we know what it is!  When it comes to fitness and commitments to a healthier lifestyle you need 3 things: motivation, accountability, and camaraderie.

At The Wellness Center motivation, accountability and camaraderie are our business, literally. We train our staff to be able to help even the most out of shape, most tired and stressed people feel motivated and empowered by their own bodies. If you find it’s the get-up and go that lack for you, just get up and come to us, we’ve got you covered. We understand that accountability is huge when it comes to healthy lifestyle changes. When you want to make an impact on your health, one workout isn’t going to cut it. There is something about being in a group program that makes you feel it is your responsibility to get to class. On several occasions, I have heard clients say, “I was so comfy at home, but I got up because I knew my friends were going to be there!”  As you work out in a group you build respect for your fellow classmates, and you become each other’s best cheerleaders and the camaraderie you learn to crave. We were made to desire and need social interaction. What better time and place to meet new people and spend time getting yourself in shape and reaching your goals than with us? Many have heard misery loves company, when you are in class pushing through, sweating and everything is on fire, you can look over and see your buddy working just as hard, that’s what keeps you going, that’s what stops you from quitting. This will give you more fulfillment than just doing yoga at home with your cat, or shall we say, laying on the mat and cuddling the cat!

Group fitness is wildly popular following the covid-19 hiatus because it works! So many people missed being in-person with their fellow classmates and instructors and now they are craving that opportunity! We know how those infomercials just sucked you right in and how many people really thought they would ride the Peloton bike, but it’s just not the same is it? We get it, they show all these super motivated people sweating, smiling, and meeting their goals, usually with their perfect hair, makeup and tans, and you say to yourself, “I can do that!”, “I will get up every day!” Then the DVDs come in, they sit there, the bikes come in, it starts to become a drying rack for clothes, and then one day you finally put them in and watch a bit while folding laundry or just cut to the chase to sell them online.

Instead of ditching your goals altogether, just come to The Wellness Center already. This fall The Wellness Center will be open 7 days a week with several very popular workouts you might have seen right on TV! From Spinning® to Piyo® Live and Zumba®, we’ve got name-brand classes! If you’ve ever seen a Spinning® commercial you may have been tempted to buy the bikes and Spin® right in your living room, but we think you’ll have so much extra fun joining Rita Gage or Carol Trembley for a live class. You may be interested in Piyo® Live but wonder how and where to start, if you Join Mary Hoadley for a class, she will take all the confusion out of the workout and do it alongside you. Mary in addition to Sally Rivard will also be hosting Zumba parties all fall long!

In addition, we have weightlifting, boxing, yoga, and so much more.  If you like boot camp style classes we have 6 am, 8:30 am, and 6:15 pm options for Total Body Conditioning with Mitchael Budziak or join Sarah Corrow for Bodyweight Bootcamp in Barton. Lynn Flint will of course offer her Limber up class three times a week and Lauren is back with Cardio and Core on Wednesdays and Saturdays. While we cannot list all our classes and instructors here, just know we have someone and something for everybody. If you are not sure which class would be right for you, call Mary in the office at 802-334-5566 and she will help you out!

Don’t let the pile of old workout DVDs or unused equipment kicking around keep you from meeting your health, wellness, and fitness needs. You may just really need what most of us need, a place where you can come and just do it! Whether you need the motivation, want the accountability, or are craving camaraderie, The Wellness Center is here to help. Be watching your mail this week for our fall schedule, check us out online, or call 802-334-5566 Do not go it alone, come join the party!


Mary Hoadley

Director Of The Wellness Center