Spring is officially here! While there will still be snow in the days to come and the flowers are nowhere near ready to break ground, we can still relish in the fact, that we’ve basically made it through another winter, and that’s something to celebrate! Winter comes with many obstacles but can sometimes leave us feeling less than our healthiest. Did you know that spring is essentially the healthiest season of the year? Yes, it’s true, all the leading health experts agree that spring affords the greatest health benefits!

Feeling a spring in your step? If you have a new urge or resurgence to get moving this spring, don’t be surprised! Many people feel the need for speed, or at least a nice daily walk as spring makes its yearly appearance. For some people it’s the reminder that summer is on the way, others crave more time outside, and many people enjoy outdoor activity. Even indoor exercise enthusiasts head back to the gym more in the Spring than you might think! January is thought to be the most popular time of the year, but spring tends to be when people are more likely to keep their commitments to fitness. If you couldn’t keep up with your new fitness goals this year, perhaps spring is the fresh start you need to get moving in the ways you want, need, or should. You might just be a few steps from feeling the healthiest this spring.

Spring into action? Springs inspires many of us to want to “do,” or “give” more. We finally feel like with more sunlight, we have more hours in the day and want to give back. Maybe you want to join the hospital auxiliary, community band, or a local food distribution group like meals on wheels! No matter where you give your time, it doesn’t truly matter, as long as it matters to you! If you feel a call to action inside you, put it into action outside too. People who volunteer have higher self-esteem, stronger community connections, and in general greater health! Volunteering this spring might be what you need to feel healthier this year than ever!

Spring into the planting? Yes, even if you aren’t sure if you want a veggie garden or which flowers or herbs you might want this summer, you can still start planting right now. Planting seeds is a fun way to teach kids or even us about how plants and food grow. Starting your seeds early will help ensure an earlier crop, and should your seeds not sprout, you will be happy you started early and can try again! There are of course some seeds you can plant now and enjoy soon without waiting for summer to role in, like lettuce, spinach, basil and other leafy herbs and greens. Container gardens are fun for windowsills, and you can always transplant them outside once the ground thaws. The seeds you plant this spring can make for a healthier plate this summer.

Moving more, volunteering, planning, and planting for a healthy plate this summer, all these small spring investments make lasting health improvements far past the season. If you are craving some lifestyle enhancements and motivation is hitting, don’t let it pass with the seasons, spring to it now! Get moving in ways you enjoy, invest your time in meaningful ways, and think about how you can best fuel your body. How we think, act, feel and move right now is all a product of how we used to treat ourselves, how we invest our time this spring will impact how we think, act, feel and move this summer, winter, and beyond.

Most of us want to think, act, feel, and move in the most healthful ways we can. So why not spring to it now? Another thing we crave in the spring is more sun! Spring to a window or get outside five minutes a day. Spring into relationships! Reach out to a friend or family member at least once a day. Spring into prevention! Get caught up on all preventative appointments and exams before summer! Spring Cleaning! Cleaning your living space, workspace, and car, aren’t just for aesthetics, it’s important for our mental health too! Spring is the healthiest time of year because we are motivated and there are unlimited options to increase our well-being. Let’s take advantage of it! Health has sprung!


Mary Hoadley

Director Of The Wellness Center