We are officially in the holiday and end-of-year throws! Even if you aren’t into “the holidays,” chances are you still have family gatherings, social events, office potlucks, or at least yourself to feed over the next week! With most of the public running around for the next several days, it may have you wanting to avoid…well, lots of things! Yet, while this is indeed the busiest time of the year, there are likely people around you “thriving.”  You know who they are, popping up all around you with homemade treats, fancy-wrapped packages, and maybe even poems about what a perfect year they had to share with the whole office. And while you are exhausted and anxious about how to make it through the week, know this, you will make it!

Before you panic that you were just asked to bring a dish or white elephant gift to work or your kids want teachers’ gifts or your mom’s nursing home called and asked if you can supply some special snacks, don’t panic. Breathe in for 1-2-3, hold that breath for 1-2-3, breathe out for 6-5-4-3-2-1 and let’s go Santa Mode!

Need to bring a dish. Make it a dip! People love dip! So many people are literally hosting “Dip-Mas” parties of all dips! Take a container of cottage cheese, mix it with salsa and serve with tortilla chips, or mix a brick of cream cheese with some cranberry sauce, bake and serve with nice bread.  Lighten it up if you like and mix a cooked container of spinach with Greek yogurt and parmesan cheese for a spinach dip. Make your own salsa with veggies or fruit. Dips are great!

Need a gift last minute? Don’t panic. Locate one of your used gift bags or a basket and shop your house. You know that fancy bottle of maple syrup you aren’t ever going to want to open, put it in the bag, run to the dollar store, grab a fun mixer, and pancake mix, and voila! Can’t run to the store. No worries! Do you have time to make a beautiful card or fancy tag you can pop on some wine or sparkling water you already have lying around? Do you still have a jam you made this summer that you can add a fancy bow to? Gifts are gestures, think of something simple and go with it.

Need an outfit and don’t want to tear apart your closet? Great, don’t do that. Think of one thing you love that you own and build around it! Love a certain pair of boots or a scarf, make that the focus and add on. Love your red sweater? Go neutral with the rest and make it pop. Don’t feel like you have to mix and match the perfect outfit. Wear things you remember feeling great in and go.

Need a clean house? Don’t we all? Studies show people notice clutter the most. Focus on clearing your table and countertops before you break your back vacuuming the whole house. Do a quick wipe down of all bathroom services and if you have a sudden burst of energy or more time, keep going, if not, the clutter is gone and the bathrooms are clean, just have fun.

Stressing through the holidays isn’t fun. Even if you think your friends have it all together, they are probably stressed too! Focus on one thing at a time. Know that it all won’t get done and that’s ok. What matters the most this season is your health and well-being. Everyone would rather see you come late to the potluck or empty-handed at a gift swap than not at all. IF you have a few moments to make a quick recipe, grab a gift, and put on something fun or clean quick, great! If not, don’t sweat it! Get your rest, stay hydrated, have some fun this season, and don’t forget to Fa – La – La -La – LA- RELAX!


Mary Hoadley

Director Of The Wellness Center