Here at NCH, we celebrate what we call the “100 Days of Summer,” spanning from June 1 through September 30th, and… we actually call it 100 Days of Fitness. Now, we know that’s way more than 100 days and maybe the last word you want to hear with summer is fitness but hear us out! Summer is a time for relaxation and fun, yes, absolutely! Yet, summer is also the optimal time to get out there and maximize taking care of your health and wellness which we truly know we need to do year-round. We challenge our employees to try to do something fun and active 100 days throughout the summer to just stay present in the season and not let the summer fly by without maximizing all the greatness it offers.

Our bodies need movement, there’s just no way around it! During the dark days of winter, it’s a struggle for many not only physically but mentally to keep moving and find ways to care for themselves. But in the summer, the sun is out, the days are longer and it’s so short! With just about 100 days to enjoy the season, we have something to make the most of! If we embrace each moment and prioritize our time wisely, what better way than with our health? Summer is a perfect time to focus on ways of healthfully moving our bodies whether we are at work, play, or traveling, because we know time is limited!

One approach to maximizing your summer fitness journey in a limited time frame is to plan and research and set a goal or make a list now! This can help you identify the must-see sights or top activities that you want to prioritize, as well as any logistical considerations such as transportation or accommodations. Additionally, it may be helpful to set specific goals or milestones for yourself throughout the 100 days, so that you can track your progress and ensure that you are making the most of your time. List all the lakes, walks, hikes, or bike rides you want to do. Did you want to finally try kayaking or horseback riding? Write it down! Plus, there’s a whole other satisfaction of watching yourself cross these things off the list!

Another valuable outlook on enjoying any type of physical activity is to stay present and mindful throughout your summer. This means fully immersing yourself in the moment and being open to new experiences and perspectives. Take time to soak in the beauty you see, the smells you smell, and the textures of the sand, grass, and water. When we offer ourselves time to reflect on our experiences and appreciate the small moments that make up our overall enjoyment or even maybe fitness flops, it adds to our lives. Journaling is great. Chatting with your sunshine fitness partner or even just sitting after your activity in the sun or maybe even the rain to reflect on your commitment to show up and put time into yourself is worth your time, not just for these 100 days but on all days!

If we’re honest the next 100 days could be really awesome with just a touch of planning, goal setting, and a willingness to embrace the journey.  It’s that easy!

  1. Plan! If you have no plan to move your body, you will not do it. There are so many people who say they want to go hiking, biking, or run marathons but they have zero plans to do so. You can PLAN!
  2. Set a goal! Actually, we set it for you! We would love to see you do something, anything, physically active for 100 days this summer! Email and Mary will send you a tracker if you want one!
  3. Willingness. Motivation is hard. If you are brave enough to try, we promise it will come. The courage you need to start is real but then the commitment will be made by how awesome it feels to just be moving and living in this beautiful season.

Fitness and exercise aren’t penalties, they are rewards for our bodies and health! You don’t have to do them as grueling activities or punishments for eating food. Physical activities can be things you enjoy and look forward to if you are willing to try, but that depends on you! There’s never been a better or more beautiful time than right now in the 100 days of summer!


Mary Hoadley

Director of The Wellness Center