Telehealth Patient Troubleshooting Guide

Connection Issues:

If the bandwidth in your location is limited, it is advisable to limit the other uses of broadband during your Telehealth Visit. These could include other smartphones, TV streaming, or devices that are on your network.

If you continue to have issue, then you can turn off the video (camera) and continue the visit with just the audio (microphone).

Cannot Locate the Email Link for the Telehealth Visit:

  • If you cannot locate the email link:
    • Open the Zoom App on your device
    • Select Join a Meeting

  • The doctor’s office will give you the meeting ID
  • Enter the meeting ID in the enter meeting ID box under Join Meeting

How to Resize the Zoom Screen

  • To minimize your Zoom Screen, click the – sign in the upper right corner of the meeting window.

  • To make the screen large again press the button in the lower right of the minimized zoom screen


  • To not see zoom at all but still have the meeting open in the background
    • Have the zoom meeting maximized
    • Click on another open window on your screen.
  • To not hear the meeting turn off your speakers on your computer
    • Click on the    in the bottom right of the screen
    • Click   volume symbol to mute and unmute.  Click on the blue bar to increase or decrease volume.

I closed out of my Zoom meeting. How do I get back in?

  • Follow the link in your email or calendar to get back into the meeting. 

Zoom works best in Google Chrome. If Zoom opens in Internet Explorer or another browser….

  • You can reset your default browser to Google Chrome
  • Go to the start menu at the bottom left of the screen
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Apps

  • Click on Default Apps on the left
  • Scroll down until you see web browser

  • Click on Internet Explorer
  • This will create a pop-up list
  • Select Google Chrome
  • Click the x to get out of the settings page

Now click on the link in your email again and it will take you to Zoom in Google Chrome