The Diagnostic Imaging Services department at North Country Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic imaging procedures. With state of the art equipment and expert staff, we can provide many of the services that you would find in a large medical center but with a greater focus on you, plus we’re located close to home.

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Mammograms alone may not be enough to find breast cancer

Every woman’s breasts are different, just like every flower is different. Having dense breasts is normal. It just means your breasts have more tissue than fat. Dense breasts make a woman up to six times more likely to develop breast cancer. And they make it challenging to detect cancer with a standard mammography exam. Now at North Country Diagnostic Imaging, the Invenia™ ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System) improves cancer detection by 35% over mammography in women with dense breasts. Using 3D ultrasound, it looks at dense breasts differently to find cancer that mammography may not see. It’s relatively comfortable, and it doesn’t expose you to any additional radiation. The result: More confidence and peace of mind for you.