This event benefits our Patient Care Initiatives Program.  This program helps
local patients with medical and daily living needs that might not otherwise be
able to proceed with their course of treatment.


Saturday, October 1, 2022.
6 o’clock to 11 o’clock

Our special events committee has booked the Foeger Ball Room at Jay Peak, they have theme ideas in place, the Boston band Stardust will return for a night of great live music and many of our sponsors will return in support of the gala.

  • Elegant Cocktail Reception & Dinner
  • Dancing to the music of Stardust
  • Silent and Live Auctions

Club 242
Knock 3 Times, Password: Sugar Moon
Suggested Attire: 20’s Speakeasy Theme
$150.00 per guest
($60 of which is a tax-deductible donation)
Extend your evening with an overnight stay. Special discounted rates.
Call 800-451-4449, Reference Group #982526

This event benefits our Patient Care Initiatives Program.  This program helps local patients with medical and daily living needs that might not otherwise be able to proceed with their course of treatment. When a doctor, nurse or social worker identifies a need while meeting with the patient, the request is then made to the hospital’s Foundation to provide assistance. Your donations make this happen on a daily basis!

Through community support, hundreds of people every year are given care, medical supplies, prescriptions, and provided transportation that they otherwise would not have received. It is this heart-bound partnership between us that keeps our community healthier. Over the last year, the program has assisted 625 patients throughout our service area.




Here are a few testimonials from patients who have benefited from the program:

“We are proud old people who have a hard time asking for help. But when you’re sick, cold and broke and not expecting your Social Security check for weeks it’s wonderful to have help from the Patient Care Initiatives Fund. We were able to put fuel in our tank to keep us warm. Thank you so very much.”

“When I needed help with obtaining my medications, your Patient Care Fund was a heaven sent and helped me get what I needed.” –Thank you

“I didn’t have any wood… and that helped me tremendously [to obtain wood through the Patient Care Fund.] And then I got more [wood] and that was dry wood and I could save that to get the fire going sometimes…so, yes, that made a big difference. My house wasn’t insulated so it was a big help to have the wood. I didn’t have money and the temperature inside my house was 21 degrees. [They all got together at the Hospital and helped me-and it helped me big time to not be so cold.”

“North Country Hospital Patient Care Fund has helped me with several important needs that benefitted my overall health and well-being.  I am grateful to the hospital for covering these expenses for me in a time of need due to chronic illness and extreme poverty.”

“I’ve written this to say THANK YOU – not only for myself, but for others who may not openly say it, also do appreciate the kindness and generosity of all who contribute to the Patient Care Initiatives Fund. I was overwhelmed with your gift that not only covered my medication but provided a gas card too.”

-A particular patient with diabetes needed help with meal planning. We helped with a grocery card and talked with her about foods she should and should not eat, and went grocery shopping together.  We read labels together and budgeted the purchase of her food.

-The blood pressure cuffs that have been purchased have saved many trips to the ER.  Patients are checking at home and calling the office or the doctor on call.  This has been a great tool for providers to help tweak blood pressure medications.

-A patient, who was just diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure, needs to be able to monitor his blood pressure. The fund helped purchase a blood pressure cuff for him.  His wife called and was so pleased. She feels she has a tool to keep a closer watch on his health.

-The fund has helped with eyeglasses. One gentleman had his exam, but could not afford the cost of the frames.  One of our chronic care coordinators worked with a local business who gave him a great deal, and the patient is very happy.

-The medical alert necklaces/bracelets have been a blessing for some of our more challenged patients.  One in particular has bad lows and is unable to communicate what is wrong.  He wears his medical alert necklace all the time and states, “I feel better with it on.”

-Some items we have bought to help are: compression stockings, microwaves, air conditioners and number one!!!!!  Helping folks get the medications they need.