Liza Fleischer, BS
Women’s Health Initiative & Pediatric Resource Coordinator

Assists patients and families in accessing community services and support. Works collaboratively with other members of the client’s health team when appropriate.

Julie Giroux RN, BSN, BC, WCC
Registered Nurse Care Coordinator

Julie is passionate about delivering quality care with a patient-centered focus. She knows that the most important person in your diabetes and other chronic conditions care team is you. Julie likes assisting patients to achieve their goals by helping them define what they want and providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to empower them to manage their diabetes and other chronic conditions. Julie will be a liaison by providing support and advice between appointments with things like blood sugar and blood pressure checks, wound care, and communication with your physician with any medication adjustment.  When assisting with diabetes management remember that you’re not a “diabetic,” you don’t fit into a mold; you’re a unique individual who happens to have diabetes and she would be honored to be a member of your healthcare team.

Pamela Jefferson BSN, RN, CCM
Care Coordinator & Certified Case Manager

Pamela has the knowledge and tools to support, educate and empower clients to manage their diabetes and other chronic conditions. Assist clients by decreasing barriers to health care along with accessing community resources. Works collaboratively with other members of the client’s health team to achieve their goals.

Jessica Lyon, MA Care Coordinator

Assists with Long Term Care Medicaid applications, completes Advance Directives, assists families and patients’ with guardianship paperwork, helps assist with durable medical equipment, assists patients with nursing facility placement, connects patients to community resources, and can provide glucometer education.

Tammi Lantagne LPN/Medication Assistance Program Coordinator

Assisting patients to obtain high-cost medications covered through drug manufacturers,  along with managing samples of these medications to ensure continuity of care.

Heather LeBlanc, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Provides nutrition and lifestyle counseling for all ages. Focusing on simple, individualized changes to help prevent or manage a variety of chronic health conditions utilizing a weight-inclusive approach. Areas of experience include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, eating disorders, women’s health, and pediatrics.

Jen Leithead, MPH
Community Health Coordinator

Coordinates chronic disease self-management programs through MyHealthyVT (more information at including diabetes prevention, diabetes management, chronic pain management, high blood pressure, and quitting smoking. Also offers one-on-one coaching for tobacco cessation.

Also coordinates community programs such as P.H.A.T. (Protect Your Head At All Times) bike helmets, heath care shares and others.