Number of Beds on Unit or Patients Seen in your Department:

25 beds

Types of Patients Served:

Adult patients; with median age >65 years old

Our nurses work with all patients admitted to the Med Surg department and our  top diagnoses include CHF, COPD exacerbation, Pneumonia, Post op care for general surgery and orthopedic surgery .

We utilize a team nursing model in which each RN is paired with an LNA to provide care for their assigned patients.

  • Our staffing ratio is 1:5.
  • Telemetry training is provided to all staff.
Certifications Required of Nurses to work in this Unit/Department :
  • BLS
  • ACLS (charge nurses)
Personal Rewards of Working in this Unit/Department:

Working on the Med Surg unit allows the nurse to develop a broad array of nursing skills.  We also provide training to care for progressive patients as well as telemetry.  Our team is diverse in experience and knowledge.  We strive to be flexible and appreciate work-life balance while also meeting the needs of the unit.