Number of Beds on Unit or Patients Seen in your Department:

5 beds

Types of Patients Served:

Our RN’s are nurses who specialize in delivering advanced care to patients in ICU. Including patients requiring titratable drips, vasopressors, intubation and advanced monitoring.

Our staffing ratio is 1:2. 

Ages of Patients (if applicable):

Adult patients; median age >65 years old.

Certifications Required of Nurses to work in this Unit/Department:
  • BLS
  • ACLS
  • PALS

Telemetry training is provided to all staff.

Personal Rewards of Working in this Unit/Department:

Nurses working in ICU develop a deeper understanding of the disease process and what it takes to care for this level of patient.  Additional training and education is provided to maintain skills and knowledge related to this patient population.