Zoom for Healthcare Security

North Country Hospital takes the security and privacy of our patient’s information very seriously.  Our organization has chosen the Zoom for Healthcare platform to provide Telehealth Visits to our patients. This platform is HIPAA Compliant, and has been certified as a secure and private tool for providing these services.

In addition to selecting this secure platform, North Country Hospital is taking the following added precautions to reassure our patients of their privacy during Telehealth visits:

  • Each visit has a unique meeting code. This ensures no overlap of patients in the same Telehealth visit.
  • Patients enter into a waiting room that allows our doctor’s offices to only admit recognized patients into the visit.
  • Ensured that only the doctor’s office can share their screen
  • Enabled the following options for our doctor’s office:
    • Lock the meeting
    • Remove participants
    • Disable participant’s camera
    • Prevent any file transfer
    • Disable private chats