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Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions(FAQ) for many departments and practices. We encourage you to call your particular department or practice directly to get more in-depth explanations and answers to your questions during normal business hours.

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Financial Navigators

How do the subsidies/tax credits work?

People think that the premiums are very expensive but many do not realize that they might qualify for subsidies/tax credits to help pay for the premiums.

My employer insurance is too expensive to add my spouse/family

There is a program that could help with employer premiums if you have at least one child that qualifies for Dr. Dynsaur – HiPP’s Program

Will I qualify for Medicaid now that I am pregnant?

The income guidelines are higher for pregnant women and there are no copays.

When is open enrollment?

November 1 – December 15th

When do I have to pay my premiums?

Premiums are always due by the 26th of the month

Is it really important to report my changes?

Absolutely! If your address changes and your mail is returned to VHC, your insurance may be dropped due to location unknown. If your income changes, then so do your subsidies/tax credits which could lead to you paying back the subsidies/tax credits at the end of the year.


Billing & Financial Services

Is this the only bill I will receive for these medical services?

When you receive a hospital bill for services, the bill includes many costs, facility charges, equipment, supplies, nursing services, and other support personnel. etc. You may expect to receive bills from the physician and/or other providers who supplied medical services.

What can I do if I am unemployed and/or uninsured or feel that it will be difficult for me to pay my bill?

You may apply for free or reduced-cost care. Both the Admissions Office and the Financial Counselors will have applications.

Payment Options For Patients

North Country Hospital may offer up to a 10% discount on self-pay balances if requested and paid in full within 30 days of initial billing. Additional discounts may be offered if paid in full at the time of service or if paid within five business days.

In addition to check, cash, or money order, we accept all major credit cards as a convenience to our patients. For patients wishing to make payment arrangements, we have a financing program available.
If you are unable to pay your balance, our Financial Counselors will help you determine if you qualify for financial assistance. Please call our Financial Counselors at 1-802-334-3274 or 1-802-334-3273, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


We understand health care costs can present a financial hardship to families and individuals. It is our intent to provide help to those who meet certain income and asset guidelines. You may request an application from the Registration Office (in the main lobby), the Emergency Room Registration desk, the Financial Counseling office (in the main lobby), or call the telephone number listed above to have one mailed to you.


In order to promptly process your application for financial assistance, the following is required with your application:

  1. Applicants are asked to apply for Medical Health care benefits through Vermont Health Connect. You can apply online at or by phone through Vermont Health Connect by calling 1-855-899-9600.  Or simply call North Country Hospital and make an appointment with one of our Financial Navigators. Medicaid enrollment is year-round.
  2. Proof of Income consists of the following:
    •The previous year’s income tax return, including
    all forms and schedules.
    •A Social Security statement or check, or a bank
    statement showing direct deposits of your monthly
    income(social security/disability).
    •Four recent paychecks or unemployment checks.
    •Two consecutive monthly bank statements.

We ask that the application be filled out completely and signed. If you have any questions about the application process or need assistance in completing the application, you are encouraged to call our Financial Counseling office at (802)334-3274 or 3273.

Our office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

What other bills should I expect? Can you tell me about them?

Government regulations require most hospital-based physicians and specialists to bill for their services separately from the hospital. You will receive a separate bill from your personal physician, surgeon, or another independent supplier of medical services. Examples: the pathologist for certain lab tests, the anesthesiologist & surgeon or surgery, or your personal physician or a visit.

Why did I receive a bill from North Country Hospital for lab services when I never even visited the hospital?

The North Country Hospital laboratory routinely performs tests on specimens sent from physician offices. Therefore, you may receive a hospital bill for laboratory or services your physician ordered, although you have not been to the hospital yourself.

What is the best way to be certain that my insurance is paying its share of the costs?

The best way is to present your insurance card and all insurance information at the time of registration. The registrar sets up a new amount for each visit to the hospital. This allows your insurance company to track your deductible& and co-­payments. If your card Is nor presented and the insurance does not cover these costs, you will be responsible for full payment.

Why didn’t my insurance pay charges for a routine check-up?

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, will not pay for routine physical check-ups. If you have screening tests, such as a chest x-ray, blood sugar tests, PAP smear, PSA, or other similar screening lest your insurance may not pay. You should contact your insurance carrier if you have questions about your coverage.


Primary Care

What the hours that you are open?

The updated hours of operation for both Newport and Barton/Orleans Primary Care offices are Monday – Friday 8 am-4 pm

When can I get my influenza flu shot?

Please call your Primary Care office directly to get updated information about scheduling and availability. Newport- (802) 334-3520  Barton (802) 525-3539

Is the influenza flu shot effective for COVID-19?

Absolutely NOT. A vaccine is in the works and should be available by years end specifically engineered to combat COVID-19.

How do I sign up for access to my Patient Portal?

Call your Primary Care office and they will send you an email inviting you to set up your account. It’s easy and very simple to do. Newport- (802) 334-3520  Barton (802) 525-3539

Can I get my test results on my patient portal?

Yes, once the results are sent to your physician he or she will post them to your portal.