Number of Beds on Unit or Patients Seen in your Department:

RN Case Managers work with staff and patients in our Med –Surg, ICU, ER and Maternal Child Health units

Types of Patients Served:
  • The Inpatient RN Case Manager reviews and meets with all patients on Med Surg and  ICU.
  • The Emergency Room  RN Case Manager utilizes a screening tool and referral system to meet with high needs patients that use our emergency room services
  • The Maternal Child Health  RN Case Manager  focuses on at risk women and infants in our community
Certifications Required of Nurses to work in this Unit/Department:
Personal Rewards of Working in this Unit/Department:

Case managers must have a broad understanding of the patient as well as the healthcare system.  They work hard to smooth the transition from hospital setting back to the community by ensuring that needs are addressed and met.  Case Managers act at the hub of patient care and help them connect all the dots for a successful transition.