Clinical Alert 01/16/2023


  1. Verify your patient’s identity and obtain the patient label with the correct FIN
  2. Peel the pack cellophane shield from the bracelet and attach the patient label and then remove the backing from the cellophane shield and apply over the label
  3. Remove additional labels from the bracelet
  4. Draw lab (pink tube)
  5. Place the furthest label on the blood tube that includes the following “Apply to specimen tube and place patient label below the dashed line”
  6. Print your patient specimen label from Cerner and place it below the dashed line on the blood band label that is on the blood tube
  7. Place specimen in biohazard bag with additional labels that were removed from blood band bracelet
  8. Remove the backing from the adhesive behind the remaining white labels on the patient’s blood band to adhere fully to the patient blood band bracelet

** NOTE**

The new blood band bracelets do not show the date the lab was drawn, please review orders in Cerner for this information

The new blood bands are valid for 3 days

New blood band with patient ID 2023 1
Tube with new blood band info and specimen label 2