We’ve all had at least one, many have them quite often, and some suffer from these daily. They can be a faint pain, a squeezing sensation, an intermittent here and there annoyance or a throbbing you just can’t ignore. What are they? Headaches. Headaches are a somewhat common symptom people can feel for a variety of reasons, including dehydration, but they can also be a warning sign of other more serious concerns. Sometimes a headache isn’t even a headache at all, it could be a migraine. With the World Health Organization sharing that about 1 in 20 adults are experiencing headaches just about every day, and 1 in 7 adults are coping with migraines, it’s no wonder they dedicate the month of June to raising awareness about them.

First things first, you may wonder if you are experiencing a headache or a migraine, chances are you can research online and find a variety of answers and some that can even take you down the rabbit hole of doom. Always talk to your healthcare professional if you are experiencing new or worsening headaches. If you are experiencing nausea and other physical sensations in the body like numbness, tingling and or vision problems, you may be experiencing migraines that need immediate attention. Other times a “headache” may not be a headache at all but a sign of a sinus infection or other ailment. When in doubt give your physician’s office a call to see if you should be seen sooner rather than later. One way to also get to know your body better is to track your headaches and symptoms, if you see that you tend to get headaches on Mondays after busy weekends and drinking little water, it may just be a headache. If you get a severe headache after consuming lots of caffeine, you may be someone who gets migraines from caffeine and want to reduce consumption. Get to know yourself better so you can be more aware of what causes or maybe even reduces your headaches and migraines.

Many people are in search of the next new natural way to treat those pains in the head. While these are natural options it is always best to consult with your doctor. That being said here are some things that work for some people:

Aromatherapy: Some people use essential oils to keep their headaches at bay with scents like peppermint and lavender.

Ice: Some people have found using cold packs while in pain has helped them shorten their episodes.

Sleep: There are reports that if you can get some sleep while suffering with a migraine or headache that it can help calm them.

Vitamins: From vitamin B2 to magnesium supplements, people are finding relief when they make a commitment to adding these into their daily lifestyle.

Water: Water is the key in all health, but when increasing water or the frequency, some people have found a big relief from their headaches and migraines.

Exercise: Many people share that exercise not only erases their headaches but also improves their overall mood and energy levels.

If you have been trying to manage your headaches or migraines and it’s not helping, reach out for help. As mentioned, journaling or keeping a log about your headaches is very helpful for all involved. With that you could even keep track of your diet, sleep and energy levels. If you need to see a specialist they may be trying to look for underlying culprits so the more you can share, the more they can make a better educated decision. There are so many therapies to help you live a pain free life! From medications to diet and lifestyle modifications, you may be away from just one little change to finding freedom from your pain.

Headaches can steal your sleep, keep you from performing to your highest ability at work and even wreak havoc on your personal relationships. Don’t let something that can be treated in so many ways steal your joy or keep you from a happy and healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to live in pain.


Mary Hoadley – Director of The Wellness Center