Mary Hoadley

Director of The Wellness Center

There has never been a more opportune time to think about how we care, love and offer growth to ourselves. When we are stripped down to the “essentials” of life we are likely to find out more about ourselves, our strengths, weaknesses and growing edges. Right now is the perfect opportunity to take some time each day to invest in our greatest investment we will ever have: ourselves. How we are treating ourselves right now is the foundation for how we will be in the future. Perhaps if we start investing in our own self-care, love and growth right now we can find ourselves emerging as stronger, more focused and balanced. That being said, we would invite you to join us in the Worthy 30.

The Worthy 30 is a thirty-day commitment to investing in your own care, love and growth. While it does start on a certain date, you can really start on any day you choose and adjust as needed. Each day offers an opportunity and inspiration to participate in your own self-worth which is truly a necessity, not just in unprecedented times, but in all times. Every single person is worthy of care, love and growth. The only person, who can truly be responsible for yours, is you.  How you think, speak, choose to react and offer your energy right now fits with how you will do all those things in the future. We hope you will take advantage of this time to choose an attitude of productivity and positivity to commit to your own self-worth.

Mondays are all about moving, called “never miss a Monday.” We offer you an idea for movement, but you can do this on your own too. Mondays are the kick-off to the week and often set the tone. We believe if you make the quality decision to exercise on Monday, you’ll be more likely to do it the rest of the week too. Not to mention it can be that needed energy boost after the weekend as well.

Tuesdays are called, “two for Tuesdays,” with two options for each Tuesday. It might be listening to two of your favorite songs or planning two special meals in the week ahead. Sometimes one just isn’t enough and sometimes if you can do two things we can keep going. You can also set two goals for Tuesdays too. Be creative and intentional when you choose them.

Wednesdays are “write it down Wednesday,” and it’s one of our favorites. Journaling is growing in popularity and it’s really nothing new. Generations used diaries and journaling to keep track of thoughts, stories, ideas and more. Each Wednesday we will give you a journaling prompt to get you going. Of course, do not let this limit you. You could journal the whole 30 days of this journey as well and forever after too!

Thankful Thursdays are all about gratitude. As you well know, when you show gratitude it lifts your attitude. We are offering prompts for each Thursday to show some gratitude. We believe these gratitude options are a little different and maybe deeper than we are typically used to.

Fridays are called, “fake take out Fridays,” and offer a new recipe each week. Let’s face it, times are …well…different. Maybe your favorite take out place is closed, maybe it’s not in the budget right now, or maybe you are truly “staying at home,” we get it. But we are offering you some options to make Fridays a little more fun and adventurous right out of your own kitchen. These are also super healthy options too!

Saturdays are called, “support Saturdays,” and they are really about social wellness. Reaching out to other people and just letting them know you are thinking of them. There is no better feeling than hanging up after a far overdue phone call. Each Saturday we are going to encourage you to show your support to someone else, knowing that that has just as much if not more of a positive impact on you too.

Sundays will be known as, “slow-go Sundays.” We want to encourage you to slow down, relax and be present. Everything seems extra stressful lately; everything takes longer or requires more energy. We want you to take even two minutes to just slow down. These opportunities of mindfulness might be just what you need before the next busy week starts. Find a piece of peace on Sundays.

Your self-worth is something that requires you to be persistent when it comes to checking in with how you are doing emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially and more. In order to have true balance we need to take time to see how we are doing and where we need that stability. Under stress that can be really hard! We are making it easier and offering you these chances to being guided in healthful ways towards self-care, love and growth.  The old saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup,” is very true. Sometimes when life is rapidly changing and the future seems so uncertain we can become oblivious to the fact that our cups are getting quite low, or even empty. Let us help you refill that cup. You deserve it and you are worthy of it. Join us in the worthy 30!

Mary Hoadley

Director of The Wellness Center