Just as Barton Fair is becoming a distant memory we notice the days are getting shorter and, leaf by leaf, we are already seeing a change in our landscapes.   That only means one thing…FALL is coming! While you may like cooler nights, hoodies and thoughts of pumpkin pie spiced everything in your future, you may be starting to stress over how to keep up your summer fitness routine or even wondering how to get started before another year passes you by. The Wellness Center has you more than covered this fall.

As a non-profit and non-competitive fitness facility you can trust that our only motivation is to help you succeed and this fall is no better time. Many people fine the fall the best time to get in stride with a new routine and lifestyle management. Fall offers less conflicts like holidays and weddings and even when it comes to eating well, most gardens are just now flourishing, so if you wanted to start or kick up your lifestyle a notch, the time is now.

First things first, group fitness is almost always the best choice for those looking to commit to or maintain a healthy lifestyle because it has built in comradery and accountability. The fool-proof plan of group fitness is as simple as just showing up! All you have to do is show up and the fitness professional will have everything ready for you to be successful regardless of your current state. You don’t have to worry  if something is too hard or too easy, our instructors have that covered. You don’t have to worry about having the right equipment or form, because that’s our job to supply and manage. Group fitness also means you have accountability partners at your side with no extra cost! Knowing you will be meeting up with your new fitness family each day/week means you are never going at your goals alone. You will always have someone there to give you a high five or even a smile across the room to let you know that you are on your way.

Group fitness really is so contagious and addictive because there is something that happens in a room full of people that you just can’t get at home or in the gym alone. When you are in a room of like-minded people you can feel that push to do more than you would ever dream of on your own, all while knowing you are in a safe and controlled environment. Not to mention that when you are in a group setting you can’t skip or fast forward through important parts of your workout like warming up and cooling down. The Wellness Center holds themselves to the highest standards to make sure all our participants are getting the very best and the most complete experience each and every time they attend a class.

For those looking to work on flexibility, balance, posture and stress management we have over 15 mind-body classes a week from Yoga to Pilates, Tai Chi to Barre. These classes are geared towards all ages, genders and abilities. We have mats on site and of course all the blocks, straps and blankets you could ever need. Mind-body classes are a fun way to get to know yourself again if maybe you have been feeling like your body isn’t your own anymore, be it after an injury, surgery or weight gain or weight loss. These classes give you a chance to practice being totally present in your own body while focusing on breath and relaxation at the same time. That isn’t to say you won’t break a sweat though!

We have about 30 different total body classes each week that will help you to increase your aerobic capacity, endurance and overall strength. These classes range from High Intensity Interval Training to Spinning® on one of our several Spin® bikes. These classes shouldn’t deter you or make you think you need to start working out before you try them. We welcome people from all fitness levels to those getting into fitness for the first time in each class. What makes each class so special is that you could be surrounded from anything to triathletes to someone who just had a baby and is just starting out. But what matters most to us is that you are here.

Wellness is a lifestyle; it’s about finding a balance in all areas of your life so you can leave as independently and abundantly as possible. At The Wellness Center we are not worried about who you are, what you wear or what you do in your free time. We care that you are here and promise to take good care of each and every one of you because it’s our mission to spread wellness in the community in a safe, controlled and fun way.

If you are “fall”ing back into fitness this fall please give us a call at 334-5566 and we would love to help you find the best choices to support your new found goals. As always you can try a class for free and we always offer a sliding-scale so that no person is denied access to “wellness” due to any financial constraints. If you are looking to get active or just want to surround yourself in a positive environment, we would love to see you this fall, or really any time of year. If you prefer to go it alone, we support that too. Remember to always think safety first and to treat yourself well, you deserve it! Otherwise we hope to see you soon, because The Wellness Center has you covered this fall!


Mary Hoadley

Director Of The Wellness Center