While life may seem to be carrying on, we are still living amidst a state of emergency here in Vermont and a global pandemic worldwide. Meanwhile gyms and fitness facilities have been given the greenlight… well, kind of. Going into a fitness facility in Vermont right now means keeping 200 square feet between you and anyone else, wearing a mask and no shared equipment. In the world of group fitness, we find this takes away from the chance for every BODY to have the safest and highest-quality workout. Therefore, we say, “Let’s Get Virtual.”

Why go virtual? However you look at it, being in a group setting doesn’t allow for all or even most people to participate right now. At The Wellness Center we have made it our mission for over 38 years to offer the best in fun, health and fitness to our community in the safest way possible. In an effort to not limit class sizes, ages or abilities we have chosen to go fully virtual for the fall of 2020. This means any BODY, literally anywhere in the world can join us for our amazing classes wherever they can access the internet. No mask required, no social distancing and no missing out because of being vulnerable to this disease, Covid-19.

What is virtual? Virtual classes are very similar to our LIVE classes except they are done via the internet. You can watch and follow along with our LIVE instructors or choose one of our pre-recorded classes to fit your schedule. Virtual classes do have a LIVE fully certified instructor to take you through the workout of your choice in the safety of your own home, office or even backyard.

What types of classes will there be? We have SO MANY CLASSES: Kids Drums and Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, Meditation, Drums Alive®, Three kinds of Zumba®, Piyo® Live, Spinning®, Tonetastic, All Star Workout, Stretching, Yogalaties and more! Truly something for everyone. Classes like Sleep Yoga and meditation don’t even require physical activity. Whether you want to sweat or relax you will have ample options.

What do I need? While you don’t really “need” anything you will want to prepare a safe space. A place in your home with a cleared floor area that ideally doesn’t have any throw rugs, slippery surfaces or things to trip on. If you have weights, great – some classes do use them. If you have a mat, great – but you could even sue a blanket or towel if needed. While not everyone has a Spinning® bike at home, we have heard your request to offer virtual Spinning® so we will accommodate that wish as well. Preferably you would also keep some water handy, and perhaps a fan or open window for some air circulation.

Who can do virtual classes? Anyone! From those who want to get sweaty and breathless to those who don’t even want to move. Our classes can also be used to help kids stay active or fulfill their Physical Education requirements. Many classes can also be done seated as well. All our instructors are fully certified and trained to give variations and modifications to support a wide audience.

Why join? First of all, The Wellness Center is the first fitness facility to be opened by a hospital in the state. Not only that, we are a local and non-profit business with goals and initiatives that best support and increase the health and wellness of the community. We aren’t here to make any promises, offer fad diets or make you think we can cure all your ailments. What we can guarantee is that we care. We believe each time you join us for a class you aren’t just investing in your own health but also in the health and wellness of our community.

Sure, you can find other workouts online or enjoy the outdoors! We support all safe and healthy activity. We of course would love to have everyone join us, but if you are taking care of you – we are happy. Look for safe ways to find time for physical activity and stress management. This virus seems to be sticking around and we all need to take the time to make sure we are staying as healthy and strong as we can be. However, you do that, make it safe and make it fun. If you do exercise in public or groups, please wear your mask and follow social distancing mandates. These should be strictly enforced but often we see they are not. While others may not heed these instructions, these have become executive orders for a reason. Let’s all stay safe, healthy and fit this fall! To do that we say raise a water bottle and join us virtually! Let’s get virtual!


Mary Hoadley

Director OF The Wellness Center