The ball is about to be dropping and here at The Wellness Center we are gearing up to get it popping! As we enter our 39th year of fun, health and fitness we are so excited about 2021 and all it has to offer. Yes, 2021 still has so much to offer. While there are still high restrictions at fitness facilities, we have fully embraced our new Virtual Studio and have a whole new line-up and game plan to make 2021 the best year to have fun and get it done! We want to encourage, motivate and empower you to do the same!

Whether you are joining us as your one-click access to all things health and wellness or not, we still want to encourage everyone to set some goals! Goals are a way to name and claim what you really want and desire in your life! What do you want? How do you want to feel? Why would these things be meaningful? Only you know the answers to these questions but if you had answers, then you have goals! Take what you want and make it a goal!

When it comes to all goals, we really believe that it’s all about consistency! This is why we always offer such a variety of classes! We know people need options! If you tend to get bored easily, swap instructors or swap classes. If your schedule changes and morning time doesn’t work anymore, take our evening classes or prerecorded sessions. If recovering from an injury or need more self-care than sweating, focus on our meditation and relaxation classes. Part of the success for hitting your goals will be working through obstacles. If each time you hit an obstacle and quit, you can’t be consistent! But if each time you see an obstacle coming your way, you choose a new tactic or find a new solution instead of just throwing in the towel, you will always be moving forward towards your goals. Plus, you’ll just feel proud!

Set yourself up! Set up a space in your home that will help you focus on your goal. If its sweating, meditating or stretching with us, set up a safe space to do so at home. If your goal is to read more, set up space with great lighting and a place you can sit comfortably. It’s all about how you set it up! Don’t just say, “I have nowhere to work out,” look for a way to turn that setback into a setup, maybe you can move that old chair in the living room, or it’s finally time to turn your child’s bedroom into a private gym since they moved out years ago. Singer Sophie Grace in her song “Girl In The Mirror” says, “every setback’s just a setup, for something just a little bit better.” How can you take these little bumps in the road and make them into a milestone?

Get going! No action means no results. If this is the year you will be organizing all your closets, you need to start with one of them. If this is the year you are doing to finally take Zumba, you need to sign up with us! What small thing can you do today to start this momentum of action towards your goals? You can’t eat healthy if you only have junk food in the house. You can’t study French if you don’t have a French dictionary. Are you catching our drift? Get your tools ready and start taking some steps today.

Get it done. Baby steps are how you get started but we are on a deadline here! We only have 365 days to reach our goals, so we need to get things done. Once you finish that first workout, project or book you will have that natural pride and reinforcement to keep doing. Get it done already! Goals are all about action, start small and then go big – why not! Break down that big goal into mini-goals and watch your confidence grow as you take them on one-by-one and get them all done!

Lastly, have fun. You must make life fun! This is the only life you get!  Even if your goal is really intimidating and lot of work, this is your life and it’s not about punishment and shame. Maybe you really need to lose weight. Perhaps your doctor has said that it’s time to get moving. Exercise doesn’t have to be torture like the weight loss shows on TV. One way to always make fitness fun is music. Choose music that builds you up and makes you feel empowered. If your goal is to have more confidence this year, make it fun! Wear clothes that make you feel amazing! Don’t hide in all black unless that gives you joy! If you need to get your nutrition back on track, don’t feel sorry for yourself by eating sad and plain meals. Spice things up – literally try new spices and recipes. Plate your food so it makes you smile. Look for the fun! When our brains sense pleasure they release feel-good chemicals that reward us and help to reinforce these new steps towards great goals.

If in 365 days you are planning on having more energy, being more organized, having more strength or more balance, it’s all about what you do now leading up to that time to make it happen. For example, how you look, feel, think, act and engage right now is a product of how you cared for yourself over the last year. While some people gave themselves a pass for 2020, we want to make sure that your health, wellness and happiness don’t take a back seat again in 2021! You can change that by starting the plan now.

Our health, wellness and happiness has never been more important. Take advantage of this time to really work on you in a way that is meaningful! Check out our Facebook Page for tips, classes and challenges to keep you motivated. But always, always remember it starts with one goal, one step, one action. So, get going already. Be Bold. Set those goals high. You deserve it! Let’s take on 2021 together! Let’s get it done and have some fun!