Just when you think it might be time to book that trip to the ocean or to see family the “green” zones around us start to turn yellow or even worse RED! So much for that beach trip or seeing Aunt Susan! While not being able to travel this summer may have you disappointed, there is good news! A good old fashioned “staycation” or “quarantine-cation” as we are calling it this year, can be just as fun, relaxing and meaningful. If you have vacation days to use this summer, use them! There is still so much you can do at home, locally and around the state!

Vacations tend to have a big focus on food. Maybe you won’t be rushing to the seacoast to get a lobster roll, but you can get a lobster steamed right at many local grocery stores and some restaurants offer them to go as well. Think about those vacation nostalgic foods and how you can still indulge in your quarantine-cation. Perhaps you will take on being the chef this year or looking for new places around the state to dine. Make it more fun by eating outside or by a new lake or river. You can still have a new taste adventure without risking COVID-19.

Vacations in the summer often mean water. Waterparks, lakes, oceans and more. If you are forgoing your saltwater fix this year check out all the amazing rivers, lakes and ponds right here in Vermont. Many offer an ample chance to be socially distant while still seeing something new while cooling off in their crystal-clear waters.  Locally you have so many options for lakes and even more if you are willing to make a day trip of it.

Memories are often made on vacations, perhaps because we set aside that specific time to really listen, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. Quarantine-cations can still offer all that memory-making magic. Even if you are staying right at home, have a fire outside, lay a blanket out at night to look at the stars, wake everyone to watch the sunrise. Make time for moments that are just about you and those you care about. If the ones you want to see are far away, tell them to lay a blanket out where they are and talk on the phone while you stargaze. Sure, its not the same thing, but there is something special about sharing a moment looking at the stars even if you aren’t physically together. Don’t spare these moments!

Get creative. While you may not be taking the kids to the arcade, fairs or theme parks, you can still recreate at home. For the price of admission, you could order a few games, make your own and even order some carnival treats and prizes. Think of how you can recreate past pleasures right at home! For example, you could set up cans for a ball toss game. Give out a token for each can they knock down and tokens for the other games you set up. Then set up a little shop for kids to buy prizes with their winnings. You can find lots of fun prizes at the store or even make some yourself.

Lastly, make your quarantine-cation a time to remember by taking photos. This year still counts so put on those matching outfits and take pictures. Take pictures of your homemade food creations, campfires and carnival games. This will certainly be a year we will all remember but take some photos so you can see what it was really like once life goes back to “normal.”

A quarantine-cation can be just as fun and exciting if not more exciting than a regular summer vacation. Many local places would love your business if you are able and if not, there is no reason you can’t make the best of it right at home too. Enjoy some special food, go see something new, have meaningful conversations, play and of course make memories that will last a lifetime.

While this summer is different than we are used to, its still summer. It’s still a chance to enjoy and make the most of the time we do have with the people we care about with the resources we can safely use right now. We all miss our family and friends who are far away. We all miss the option to just get up and go wherever we want, when we want and how we want. But behind our masks, we can still smile for all that there is still available for us to do. Coronavirus limitations won’t last forever, and we know summer won’t last forever either, but the memories you make can! Have a great, safe and healthy vacation, better yet have a quality quarantine-cation!


Mary Hoadley

Director Of The Wellness Center