We are just two days out from the 4th of July, a day about celebrating our independence as a country. With us, all celebrating a little differently this year why not make the 4th of July also the kickoff to celebrating you? Yes, this can be the day that you finally declare your own independence in your life, your health and your body! Sounds hard or scary? Of course, it sure is. You will be officially declaring that you are in control and responsible for you. No blaming others or a pandemic for the way you look, think or feel, and fully accepting yourself as a person. Are you in? What is holding you back? Come on, jump on board, and in a couple of nights you can pretend those fireworks aren’t just for the country but also for you!

First and foremost, start by not letting those around you, social media or something else tells you that you are anything short of worthy! You are worthy of feeling great, thinking great, looking great and being great. You also deserve these things! The past is in the past; whatever you have in your head telling you anything less is wrong. But only you can make that decision. Are you ready to be worthy of greatness? Are you willing to say to yourself each and every day, “I am worth it!” and mean it?

Secondly, you need to treat yourself well. This is non-negotiable. Would you want someone telling your child they are ugly, fat, lazy, and worthless? Then why would you tell that to yourself? To really take hold of your independence you need to treat yourself well! This starts with your head voice; you know, that little voice in your head that makes remarks about this and that. You need to tell your head voice to give yourself a break! Talk nicely to yourself, not only in your head but verbally as well. The things that we put out there with our speech reaffirm how we feel on the inside. Not to mention, people believe what we say, especially if we are talking about ourselves! If you say you are a kind and loving person, then that is what you are. If you say you are lazy and unmotivated, then that is also an affirmation. Take a moment right now to think of three things you like about yourself and that you are good at, and now say them out loud. (Just do it!)  Make positive affirmations and comments about yourself in your head and verbally, no matter what others may say or what you may think they think of you. It is what you think of yourself that counts.

Thirdly, being fully independent also means being responsible! Would you want your child to stay up late, not get enough rest, eat poorly and spend hours in front of the TV? Then why would you want that for yourself? Feed yourself well, eat a balanced and nutritious diet, and get enough sleep. Think about it- we become adults and leave our parents because we are now INDEPENDENT to take care of ourselves and others. Being independent over your own health means making your health and wellbeing a priority. It means not making excuses to eat something bad or skip a workout, it means seeking ways to make sure you are eating healthy and getting the activity you need. Independent people are often more successful as well; it’s never about the “cannot” but about the “can”! How can I do this, how can I make that, how can I try this… Are you a can person or a cannot? Start looking for the sunny side of the street and add in more “cans”. Here are some great “cans” to add-in. How can I make this meal healthier? How can I get more steps in throughout the day? How can I drink more water at work? How can I get a night of more restful sleep? You can do this; you can be independent.

Being independent and owning your actions will help you to lead a more satisfying life. When you start to take actions that better suit yourself, your body, and your lifestyle there is a reward at the end of that rainbow. When you stop letting others make the calls about how you should look, feel and be, you take the ownership back. This is your life, this is your story, only you can truly decide how this story will play out. Especially now as we are limiting our social gatherings and being out and about as much, take this time to get centered and focused on your biggest and most treasured asset, yourself! There has never been a better time to get healthy and to be healthy and be independent! As you sit back and look up at those fireworks this weekend, remember this country was founded on freedom. You too have the freedom to celebrate your own independence, your own health and your own choices to get there. We here at The Wellness Center are wishing you all a happy and healthy 4th of July and hope you will join in on making it a commitment to celebrating your own healthy independence.


Mary Hoadley

Director of The Wellness Center