Last week we talked about planning over panicking and while we still stand by this we know it’s easier said than done. We are surely living in uncertain times and the world we knew just days ago is not the same. That being said, many of us are healthy and will get through this even though our resources will be quite limited. Here is how we want to support you on being “wellness minded” amid the pandemic, and it’s joining us in a 27 day challenge. This challenge is open to anyone and more details can be found on our Facebook page or by emailing

Thursdays (as in today) are no longer Thursdays but “Total Body Thursdays.” We are encouraging everyone to get in some total body exercise. Make your legs burn, arms tired and heart pound for a good chunk of time. Full body workouts are a great way to build your endurance and release endorphins even if you are staying at home like us. Think lunges, squats, pushups, crunches, go for it.

Fridays are now renamed “Feel Good Fridays.” We want you to do something that makes you feel good every Friday. We are suggesting acts of gratitude like sending thank you emails, singing loud, home spa treatments, and to finish a project. We think adding something every Friday to make you feel good will go a long way to inspire us and give us new energy.

Saturdays shall now be known as “Sweat it out Saturdays.” We want you to break a sweat which is also good for boosting the immune system. Think of ways you can break a sweat like doing mini-workouts we have listed on our Facebook page, or your own. Other ways to break a sweat at home include cleaning and organizing! Join us in doing this!

Sundays shall now be known as “Stretching Sundays.” On our Facebook calendar we list a bunch of stretching routines but there are no rules. Reach up, down, side to side, roll your shoulders – just STRETCH! Stretching is a great way to check-in with your body and to feel a little more agile. With some people being strapped to the computer or maybe spending extra time on the couch we can all use a stretch day.

Mondays are “Mental Health Mondays.” This day is probably one of the most important. When we can’t control what’s going on that can make us feel pretty anxious. We want you to set aside time every Monday for a quiet break, a journaling session, drawing, connecting, anything that will help you to unwind and just be.  This is also something we have added into our health coaching classes and it is very popular. While we want you to try to do this every day we feel like starting with just Mondays is a great start!

Tuesdays will now be “Toning Tuesdays.” We want you to think about how you can get stronger! Being strong is an investment in our independence! This past Tuesday we challenged everyone to 100 squats, next Tuesday we are encouraging people to plank, then a push-up challenge and so on. What can you do just one day a week on Tuesdays to invest in getting stronger?

Last but not least is “Workout Challenge Wednesdays,” and it’s all about moving! Yesterday we challenged people to get outside, next week we want you to dance. Yes, dance! Just jam out to your favorite song! We also have a step challenge and more.  While we are all out of our comfort zones right now, there are also really safe and healthy ways to do that as well. We think if you join in our challenges each Wednesday you will find it may just be what you need to help you through the midweek slump.

IF you don’t want to join us in the 27 day challenge, that’s ok too! Maybe you want to start your own. But we do ask that you keep your health and wellness of the utmost priority. That means moving well, eating well, sleeping well and remembering to manage stress and foster healthy social distancing connections. While we may all struggle in one way or another, do your best to keep or start a healthy routine.

While you are at it stay as well as you can by following guidelines to flatten the curve. This means really taking self-responsibility and keeping yourself away from other people, places and things. It means that we don’t go out unless we really need (not want) something from the store, it means canceling birthday parties and not encouraging groups to meet. It’s hard and its overwhelming but it is what we are called to do at this time.

If you need support with your health please reach out to your physician. If you are concerned about food access and other financial concerns consider giving NECKA a call at (802) 748-6040. If you are feeling overwhelmed or concerned about your mental health, please call NKHS at 802) 334-6744. If you are in a dangerous relationship or living situation please call Umbrella at (802) 334-0148. Many of these resources have a 24/7 line to make sure you know you have support and resources. Especially if you think you may have symptoms or questions about COVID-19 we ask you call the North Country Hospital Hotline at 802-334-3595. Please do not just walk into doctor’s offices and call first so they can keep you safe and those around you as well.

These are uncertain times, but we are certain that together we are a strong, vibrant and resilient community. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose touch with family and friends via electronic contacts, and make sure you are taking care of you. Your health matters, so much more now than maybe ever. We are wishing you health and calm in this time and if you will join us in our 27 day challenge!


Mary Hoadley

Director of The Wellness Center